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A Message To Jeff Sessions

While I have discarded your racist core as something too damaged to call in to question, I am taking you up on another one of my bones to pick with you.


  1. States have laws too.
  2. People have rights.
  3. The new position on marijuana law enforcement on the federal level ends up really targeting majority minority communities. So not only are you perpetuating your own racist notion that blacks and Mexi'cans are criminals, remember why you and the racists who watch shit like Lock Up, will continue to see no problem ruining the lives of non-violent, contributing members of society, and go on to blame them due to what they sound like and the color of their skin. That's how you racist people operate.
  4. You deny science. All data of recent years has continually outlined current, potential and undiscovered benefits from both marijuana itself (the consumption of) or the benefit of the state by reducing crime and leading to less overdoses to things like heroin. Marijuana isn't a gateway drug. The data all indicates that correlation is a myth, so stop perpetuating it. Grow with society or get the fuck off your crazy trip and focus on real criminal activity.

If you are going to criminalize a rather significant portion of the population based on a misguided notion that weed leads to heroin, or isn't better for some people than a bottle of whiskey a week, then you are unfit to enforce law, nonetheless prioritize the enforcement of laws proven to be wildly non-effective and corrosive to society. Leave what my state says I can do as a citizen of my state between...?...yeah, me and the fucking state. Your confirmation and testimony by your own colleagues is an indicator you are woefully unfit to serve in any position of power, especially those that instill a defacto-criminality targeting minority populations, by targeting their communities for crimes that are as archaic as you.

420Sessions -- Stop Criminalizing the public from Cameron Banowsky.

My statement regarding prioritizing enforcement of federal marijuana laws in opposition to States' rights