AA Social Club, Scientologists--You're Fired!

So it's been awhile since my last tirade. I would like to apologize if my last post seemed racist, as it was only intended to be a humorous representation of my frustration with the state of Florida and my work as a telemarketer. I won't take it down; the post is funny. Anyways so now I have moved onto Dallas, TX--my roots.

I have a place in my heart for Dallas, and the place isn't always warm, and it isn't always light. Sometimes it is cold and dark. Memories of my past are everywhere, and my past is generally NOT filled with happiness and "good times". I see every mistake (that I was lucid enough to remember) and every dumb fucking thing I have done, and these memories flash before me in random intervals--they are usually triggered by some sort of external stimuli (ie. anything from a street sign to simply being alone with my thoughts). It can be terrible and it can be wonderful at the same time.

It is a blessing that for 8 months I haven't touched a drug; I haven't sucked my soul from my body and walked around in complete and utter emptiness. With that being said I want to point out that I believe AA, for me, is bullshit. I tried, I really did, to do what everyone in every rehab facility has told me to do. Hahaha that is so sad that I refer to rehab as every 'rehab facility'. People who don't know won't ever understand what it is like to look back and think to yourself, "Damn, I have spent a full year of my life in rehab". It is quite refreshing. I can get you some names and you can get ahold of some wonderfully addicting "things" so that you too can take the rehab vacation. Actually in all honesty it is depressing, but you knew that. Anyways, back to AA and why I think it is stupid. I think it is stupid for the same reason I think Church is stupid, or why I think Republicans are stupid, or why I think being a Jehovah's Witness is stupid, or why I think prison is stupid--none of these things make ANY fucking sense.

Let's start briefly with AA then dive into a little more detail on my list of dumb people and places. AA (Alcoholic's Anonymous) works for some people--good for them. Polygamy works for some people too--good for polygamists. AA is a group of whiny losers who attempt to cure their "disease" of addiction by whining about the bus that cut them off earlier that day, and proclaiming that it is a miracle that God put that bus in their life to show him or her that you don't have to drink when a bus cuts you off on I-405. Congratulations dumb-fuck. You just realized that it is a dumb-fuck move to drink because you have road rage. Wow. I think anybody, be they "alcoholic" or not would have some serious problems if every time they got angry in traffic went out and had 3-4 rounds before they hit the office. People in AA are so hellbent on distinguishing themselves as different, going so far as to call people who aren't part of their club "normies". ROFL OMFG LMAO BITCHES. It is stupid, and every time I went to one of these meetings I came out wanting to punch someone in the fucking balls. Shut up and don't take a drink, don't cop dope and stick a needle in your arm, because that is stupid. I know what it is like, and how hard it is to get off of drugs...it's a motherfucking bitch. Go to detox so you don't die or get violently ill and DO something different. Quitting drugs is not a spiritual quandary like the existence of God. It is a problem that can easily be explained logically. Logic is a wonderful gift, and people should use it as often as they can.

I don't feel like hitting every item on my list...sorry. But I do want to mention a few. Let's say Republicans and Jehovah's Witnesses...no Scientology and Republicans. Much better.

Republicans. The fact that Donald Trump hasn't publicly been shamed by anyone is a serious reflection on the party as a whole. The dude is a douche bag. This is worse than when Gary Coleman ran for Governor of California. At least when Gary Coleman died it was kind of sad. If Donald were to die in a horrific accident I can honestly say my mood would be elevated. He is a racist. Oh wait that must be someone else. Trump emphatically denies allegations of racism with some pretty convincing evidence stating, "I am the least racist person there is" he said this because a black person won The Apprentice 6 years ago (http://thinkprogress.org/2011/05/09/trump-lease-racist-person/). Donald Trump you are a fool. You are a limp dick balding son of a bitch. That is the nicest way I can put how I really feel about you, you cheesy fuck. If I could punch one person in the face I would hands down punch Donald Trump.

I could go on for days about Donald Trump, and sometimes I do, but I have to move on. Scientology. This isn't news that Scientology and it's followers are fucking loony, but I can't shake the creepy vibes they continually give. Recently I went on a Scientology research bender, and I am always amazed by how little I am amazed by how disgusting of an "organization" (because calling them a religion is too sacrilegious even for me) they really are. How can America be so dumb. I want to start a fucking religion and become filthy fucking rich. At least the AA nut jobs don't seem to be making any money. Scientology is the most brilliant pyramid scheme ever created. Hmmmm....let's take all the people in the world who are dissatisfied with their lives (and in a country where money equates to self worth there are plenty of sad worthless people), and let's sell them the answer to happiness and fulfillment. Oh and while we do that let's charge them an obscene amount of money and worship aliens, because we are Scientology and we are evil and insane. Scientologists everywhere: Scientology is NOT a religion and I have no problem calling your beliefs crazy and your leaders sadistic and fucktards. Suffer from the unknown like the rest of us, and learn a thing or two about life in the process. If you don't go ahead and die miserable hollow dickweeds. Seriously though, there is nothing eerier than a devout Scientologist.

So these are my thoughts this morning. I have other thoughts that I had earlier. These are the ones I wanted to share. Also if you are a Scientologist could you please refrain from stalking and harassing me? I would really appreciate it. You guys tend to act like a zombie movie.


A Friend.