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America's Addiction To Fear

Be Afraid. You Need To Be. Ebola Will Kill You

Be Afraid. Even Duck Dynasty Weighs In On The ISIS Threat


"Convert them or kill them"

Liberals Are To Blame

I always default default to my man Rush for speaking lies with the facade of absolute truth. The "Trickle Down Economics" is a wonderful American pastime, like slavery, first refrenced by William Jennings Bryan in his famous "Cross of Gold" speech, and then resurrected by the right wing hero, Ronald Regan.

This notion that it behooves the poor to allow the wealthy to perpetuate their hold on 99% of the world's wealth is one that has seemingly been proven to fail. Distribution, and I mean fair distribution of wealth is what is needed to end the problems we face in the world today. The most powerful tool that we the people of this country have is our numbers. It is not facts, it is not the statistical data showing how this paradigm is wrong.

The notion that social services is an enabling factor for free loaders is offensive. It is the people like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and the Fox News team that perpetuate the American need for fear. We can't live without it.

Since September 11, 2001 I cannot remember turning on the news and hearing of something positive, something within the community in which is not murder, rape or terrorism. We live in a police state, and we will continue to do so.

So Rush, thank you for the fodder for my fire, however I feel saddened by the drones who listen to your message. Those who listen to your doctrine and preach it to others. You are the biggest threat facing this country. You are the great divide, the one who breaks apart rather than brings together. You preach hate when we need love. I wish nothing more than to see you off the air so you cannot spread your venom upon the American public, and I wish nothing more than for others like myself to expose you for what you are -- scum.

The poor need assistance to rise out of poverty. How would you know? You have never been in their shoes and never will. You flaunt your gold microphone and preach to the right wing conservatives that their precious money is at stake to help their fellow human rise to a point at which they can make an honest living. Earn an education, and have what was freely given to you. You are a shit head, a hollow sad shell of a human. Get a grip man, really.