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Bracing For Trump: How Texas Starts The New Year

It is no surprise that Texas is, in a way, a different type of beast here in the USA. That being said, it appears they shock the country again with southern ideology by kicking Planned Parenthood out of the Medicaid program.

Now, the rest of the country who accept people as people find it offensive, but most likely are not surprised. The rise of Donald Trump to President Elect of The United States of America is bringing the racists, misogynists and bigots from the alt-right out of the woodworks and into the daily lives of “normal” Americans.

This is a precursor to the danger of a single man running the most sought after political position in the world. The man is built on a pile of deceit, much like a pile of trash is thrown on top of more trash, because there isn’t room left to put it elsewhere.

Clearly our system is flawed, and it is time now to open the discussion to how we effectively make these changes, so something like the rise of homegrown evil can never make decisions on behalf of the country’s people.

Planned Parenthood in Texas is unfortunately just the beginning of conservative states utilizing state power to do things that align primarily with the white, conservative Christian groups around the country, and by serving this niche, Trump will alienate himself from the progressive generation wanting to see the good in the world (or at least try to make good in the world).

These are indeed strange times to be an American living in the USA, but the people should exercise their right to the freedom of speech, rally as one, and show this monster and those who support their agenda that the majority of people do not accept bigotry and hate. Period. Be you black, asian, white, brown, or if you are of a certain religious background, you will not be punished for your freedom to choose.

Texas took away a woman’s right to have her HEALTH attended to, and what happens in states like Texas is the revocation of a woman to choose how to take care of her own body as she pleases. Will the Texas ruling spread through the southern states? The chilling answer is perhaps. Unless you are wealthy enough, all who are part of Medicaid in Texas are without the help of an abortion and other preventative measures to ensure that a child is not born into a family that cannot fully take care of a baby, nonetheless raise that baby in an environment needed to give that baby a shot at life.

Texas health officials on Tuesday delivered a final legal notice to nix the funding Planned Parenthood receives through the Medicaid program.

As a country under Barack Obama, as flawed as his intelligence policies are concerned, aimed to strengthen the foundation and rights of American citizens living in the United States. The consensus stands that he implemented policies that helped millions of poor backgrounds a chance to receive basic needs such as healthcare in the form of Medicaid, or discounts on private insurance plans through what is known as “Obamacare”.

So really Texas, shame on you. It is a disgusting ruling for the year 2016, and honestly your demolition of a hugely valuable public health institution is medically harming those you govern. How do you sleep at night, knowing that your policies, stubbornness and unfounded belief in an imaginary action hero named Jesus Christ have hurt the lives of millions of people? Perhaps, and most likely, the people will never fully know. However, the people will begin to rise as the wedge between progression and the ways of archaic beliefs digs deeper into the foundation of society and politics.

Now Texans, this does not mean Planned Parenthood is dead, it simply means that the state won’t help in any way to facilitate young women who desperately need the help of government to provide services that benefit society.

Children born into homes that either:

  1. Don’t have the time to raise a child
  2. Don’t want a child — period.
  3. Filled with drug addicts
  4. (you get the idea)

    will be doomed from the moment they are born. They will will live a life of struggle, and yes some may overcome their life obstacles and become amazing human beings, but many will fill our prison systems, not attend school, and further crime rate as a result of an environment that does not properly instill values in children when they need it the most.

The irony is that the same types of people against abortion at any stage, always are talking about family values, and the sanctity of marriage. The people should care not about sanctity, as it holds no place in government. This is about fixing a broken system, not breaking it beyond repair.

Texas you set a heavy precedent, which very well may lead to an influx in crime, and further profiling of communities where children are born out of ‘wedlock’ (despite the stigma of that term). We are setting children up to fail, and we wonder why we overflows prisons. Texas all you have done is hurt your own people and for the rest of the country, hopefully will not follow suit.