Castles, Suburbs and The Pursuit of Happiness

Frisco, TX...a "Disney Land" town, created by the dwindling middle class white people as a last ditch effort to escape the growing Mexican population in Dallas, TX. Actually that is only half true...the same, not too wealthy white people I mentioned above, care more about their precious white children going to school with the little Mexican boys and girls, in some of the worst schools in the country. So what would you do to save your children from the almost certain failure they would meet by staying in the Dallas School District? Well fuck what you would do, these fish bellies hightailed it north, where they bought up a bunch of land and made their own schools where minorities are the minority and the whites can carry on the ancient Caucasian tradition of buying and wasting a whole bunch of shit...Frisco also happens to be the home of a minor league baseball team, The Rough Riders, and the site in which the inspiration for this piece sprung. Rarely do I make the almost thirty minute drive up the Dallas North Tollway, but when I found out I had a free ticket to a Riders game, I simply couldn't resist (the first mention of these baseball giants was a few days ago...on the day of my invitation). Anyways, back to castles and where they fit into this rant...I was carpooling with a friend to the game when we came upon what appeared to be Frisco's city limits. Unlike most city limits signs which are subtle and typically appear to be green, Frisco marks it's existence to the world with a 15 ft. stone wall that reads, "Welcome to Frisco", and it is tactfully shoved down your throat as you drive by. To top off this grand entrance, there is a mini lake in front of this hideous monstrosity, the moat in front of the castle walls.

Where has our culture gone? All the construction I see around every corner in this state only seems to yield a new Red Lobster or an Olive Garden...but if mass produced Italian food and farm raised frozen seafood just isn't your thing, pick another one of Darden's (the largest restaurant conglomerate) restaurants. How about Bahama Breeze, where alcoholics can put on their Tommy Bahama, get shit faced, and not feel guilty when they go home to abuse their wives and children because, "I just took my ungrateful family out for a nice dinner". Hmmm...not a fan of the island thing either, or you simply can't swim? Maybe you have more money than the common chump, and your palette requires something on the more exquisite side. Well, not to fear, Darden has a restaurant for you--The Capital Grille, or as I like to call it, "the rich man's Longhorn Steakhouse (also owned by Darden)". Darden, who the fuck do you think you are talking to? Grille with an "e"? Oh yes, you cater to the more educated and affluent demographic, apparently you didn't realize that most of us don't speak the Queen's English, and we aren't lured by the prestige of an added "e". This must be why I have never had a problem getting a table at the Capital Grille...because only really dumb, uneducated saps (at our current rate that will be most American born people...but they wont be able to afford your "Lobster Macaroni and Cheese") would interpret that "e" as something other than a stupid fucking way to spell grill. At this point you may be asking yourself "what do chain restaurants have to do with the cultural decay of American society? Have you ever wanted something really a Cartier watch? But you didn't want to save up for it because it would take too long, and you wanted to buy all the random shit you saw in the checkout line at Wal-Mart so instead you wander over an aisle or two to buy a cheap ass fake watch in the jewelry section of “America’s Store”? By now, since you seem to enjoy being a smelly, cheap asshole, you have purchased a suit from the Men's Warehouse or Syms and you wear that disgusting piece of metal on your wrist, with your fresh, wool, Mexican suit to office parties at Chili's. There is no value in that get-up...there is no pride in a Wal-Mart watch, a cheap suit, or a nasty chain restaurant.

This is my beef with Frisco and all other communities like it. Seriously! WHERE ARE ALL THE SMALL, LOCAL BUSINESSES? Wouldn't it be nice to walk into a place that has a little pride? I mean what really constitutes something nice? One thing I have learned in this world is that people are the bottom line. Our lives really boil down to the people in them and how we can enhance the lives of others, and how others can enhance our own lives. The Capital Grille is NOT a nice restaurant, it is a characterless money grubbing swine-lab that cares very little about the community. Sure it is expensive and you can get “nice food”, but the care for the customer is manufactured in a meeting that took place when your sweet little waitress was trained according to faceless, corporate standards. This is why when I roll into Frisco on a Thursday evening, expecting to have a worry free, baseball filled evening, I am speechless by the lack of anything remotely human. No pride and no quality, just living to spend. Working our asses off so we can blow it all in a mega-mall or on shitty food, or on the most expensive house, car, ring, watch etc.--this is no way to spend the time we are given.We need not build our castle walls to keep the different people out, rather destroy these institutions and embrace our similarities, so that at the end of the day, no matter where I live, or what I am doing, or how much money I make, or if I get laid a ton because I have a huge cock (or never get laid because my cock is simply too mammoth), I can look at myself and be satisfied with the person I am.

And you wonder why you see the ads for depression medication during your evening news?