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Leave Your Kid In The Car

My Thoughts On Children

Let me start by saying this: if you have kids and feel as though life was forever changed for the better when they were born then I am happy for you. I do not share this sentiment, and yet I am affected by the event of your child's (or sometimes even children's) birth or births.

Let me explain and set the stage for my grievance. I am in a public place right now waiting on someone, and my current time arrangement has given me about an hour and a half of downtime. I have no Internet other than what is on my phone, so I am whipping this up on a text editor so I can publish this later. The booth I am sitting in is not that comfortable and it is cold outside.

About 10 minutes ago three people walked in, speaking loudly to each other in Spanish. I have no qualms with Spanish or the people that speak it, but seeing as though I am not intent on trying to comprehend what they are saying, it is simply peripheral noise to me at this very moment. One of these people was really more like a half person, he was a child -- maybe 8 - 10 years old. The parents approach the counter to order something to eat and then it starts. Their out of control monster begins yelling shit I can't understand, running around, and in the process coming uncomfortably close to me while I mind my own business.

I don't know the legality of locking children in cars to wait while their parents retrieve sustenance for him or her, but that is what my gut tells me is the correct choice in facing a situation such as this. If you know that your kid is psychotic and out of control you have, in my view, two options:

  1. Leave them somewhere while you do whatever you need to do.
  2. If number '1' is not possible then you act like a fucking parent and wrangle in your monster so that other people aren't afflicted with the torment you must experience daily at home.

No one else is responsible for your child except for you. If you were planning on just giving up parenting, and relinquishing your control to your child when he or she turned 6, then you should have either aborted the pregnancy or put him up for adoption so that someone up to this challenge could have established order in this child's life.

Does this sound harsh? It is. In fact it is extreme, biased and is an opinion that will offend most 'normal' people who dream of one day becoming a parent, or already are one. I am not delusional in my outlook, and I understand that children are a necessity for the continuation of our species. However, I can't shake the notion that some people simply should not be parents. Some people are subjecting the rest of the world with mediocre projections of their failures that take the form of living, breathing future perpetrators of obnoxious children.

This sounds like a borderline 'Eugenics-Like' doctrine, but I am not advocating the sterilization of people based on race, socioeconomic status, personality traits or for any other reason other than a sincere personal desire not to have children. It is funny, because someone very close to me made this decision as he saw that having any more children would probably bankrupt him and render him insane. I am simply saying if you aren't up to the challenge of controlling a miniature public nuisance, then you shouldn't be creating them.

There seems to be this egotistical need humans have to live beyond their alloted lifespan. A fear that if someone does not remember and carry on their legacy after they die, then they are forever gone, wiped away from the universe -- forever lost in the past, present and future. It has nothing to do with the children they feel as though they need to have. They aren't truly thinking of how much they are going to love and nurture a new life, but rather subconsciously ensuring that some form of their legacy (no matter how trivial their legacy may be) lives on. Perhaps some people just assume that having a child is just 'what you do' at a certain age, like going to college is just 'what you do' when you graduate high school. These are the same business majors who settle down in the suburbs somewhere in middle America and pop out three kids then slowly begin to let themselves go, progressively drink more and more and then wait to die; thus allowing their children to carry on their faded memories of a complacent life.

Children at the end of the day are an expensive, intrusive, time-sucking liability that only a small portion of people today can really handle and afford. If you aren't up for this commitment then use your time and money in a way that will enrich your life in some other form. You don't have to have a child for your life to be complete. Imagine if more people pursued their dreams using their resources and time rather than getting side-tracked by the event of having a child. There would be more progression for mankind and fewer problems as a society. Let the people equipped for this duty handle the child having, and instead of breeding like it is your mission in life, pursue a passion, cultivate a talent, or help the people already on this earth who need helping. There is no sense in bringing another helpless soul into this world when there are already so many here who are in need of the help from others.