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Nylas N1: Finally A Real Email Client For Ubuntu

I struggle with Thunderbird. It isn't that I think it is a terrible piece of software, it just seems behind the times with so many better solutions on the market today. Many web e-mail interfaces trump Thunderbird in terms of functionality, interface and grow-ability.

I thought that I was doomed to settle with Thunderbird forever, that is until I was browsing ProductHunt a few days ago and discovered Nylas. Nylas is an open-source, cross-platform e-mail client that is both beautiful and powerful.

What will make Nylas a great option for platforms of all types is the ability for developers to create packages that will extend its power. Take this phishing detection plugin that checks to see if the originating address of an email is different than the return address. If it is than a warning message is displayed to let the user know of this discrepancy

Then there is the GitHub Contact Card Plugin

What it does is:

Extends the contact card in the sidebar to show public repos of the people you email. Uses GitHub's public API to look up a GitHub user based on their email address, and then displays public repos and their stars.

There are more plugins not developed by Nylas and there will be more to come. What is being developed is fulfilling a need that has existing for some time: an email client with open source roots and the ability for easy third party extensions via existing APIs. I am excited to see this project develop and you can too on the Nylas GitHub Page.

If you give Nylas a shot let me know what you think in the comment section below.