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Regulation is Good For You


Well, that's not entirely true, but when it comes to net neutrality, a phrase that is entering our vocabulary more and more as the FCC attempts to strip consumer protections by removing ISPs from Title II, it is important to really understand what it is you are hearing from both sides of this discussion. ISPs do not want to be regulated, why would they? They can make more money and rip more people off if they had the flexibility to control content and shape people's access to information. Title II is not a reform on the internet it is a reform on abusive ISPs like Comcast. Comcast has been putting out misleading information regarding their take on a free internet in regards to Title II, and if you choose to believe them, you will fall into the cycle of misinformation and ignorance in a topic that affects everyone, yet you do not understand.

John Oliver of Last Week Tonight explains in simplified terms what the consequences of ridding ourselves of the protections provided by Title II would be.

Comcast in particular is leading a misleading campaign by promoting their good intentinos without regulation.

You may not feel it now, but what if a streaming service like Stream TV, an alternative streaming mode of what has tradetionally been cable TV. Do you believe Comcast, remember your cable, phone and INTERNET provider wants you paying around 40$ a month for TV you want to get over the internet rather than over cable? No. Without the minimal defense of Title II providing more rigorous oversight and regulation of ISPs, ISPs would be free to feed you what either suits their agenda or to heighten ratings. While doing this they can thorttle your bandwidth to the IPs of servers owned by companies like Sling TV or Netfix.

Regulation over conglomerates is a must, and when they campaign with misinformation, because people don't understand the technical impact on their lives that Title II protects, they do so to control your interests, shape your behavior and turn you into the ads that flash at you on every website online.

Get Real. No more intrusion and net neutrality is essential to the resurection of a democratic internet.