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The Best Screen Casting Software For Your Terminal

Record your terminal.

For those interested in a simple way to share what they do inside a terminal window, asciinema is the best solution that I have found to date. I am going to outline the basics of getting started with asciinema as well as provide some short cuts that will make using it slightly easier.

1. Download.

To download asciinema copy and paste the following in a terminal window.

curl -sL https://asciinema.org/install | sh

Let that run its course.

2. Authenticate

I am fan of having an account to save all of my recordings to, so when that finishes run

asciinema auth

from a terminal window. That should launch you to their site to create a profile.

A directory in your home folder is created .asciinema and inside of this directory asciinema has stored your API key which communicates with their service and stores your recordings with your profile online.

3. Record

To record a terminal sessions type the following

asciinema rec

This will record everything inside your terminal window until you either enter exit or use their escape sequence Ctrl + D.

Don't worry if you fuck up you can always discard the changes and choose not to upload to your profile.

(optional make a script)

I did this because I always mispelled asciinema. So I created a script to handle this. Put the following in an empty file:

 asciinema rec

name that file something easy to write. I used termrec. Then run

chmod a+x termrec

sudo mv termrec /usr/bin

now type termrec into a terminal window and you are recording.

Visit your profile online and you can copy the embed code to place anywhere you like.

Cameron Banowsky