/ Meerkat

The Future Of Broadcast Television

sort of.

For those who haven't delved into this social media phenomena, just do it. You can find out more at their site. This is essentially turning everyone with a smartphone (which is everyone who isn't old) into a broadcast television personality. Some report on news, ideas i.e. have a structure to their broadcasts, and others offer a look into another's life -- fufilling the voyer in us all.

Normally I don't get amped about a new app. There haven't been any game changers in quite some time, but damn the numbers don't lie. This is a graph showing the increase of Meerkat broadcasts in Austin, TX during the SXSW Music and Film Festival. It is being used and more and more people are using it. There was a need for live streaming over social media and now Meerkat has filled that void.

My business partner invested in a selfie stick as a result to stay relavent in the Meerkat boom, so at least in one scenario, Meerkat has driven commerce. I would be interested to see where we stand when the dust settles from the hype, and if we are left with a truly ground breaking product, or another app fad.

Cameron Banowsky