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Tomahawk Gets An Upgrade

Tomahawk Player

has long been a staple in my software aresenal, and with their improvements over the past year, I think it is time to roll out the red carpet and give it a propper presentation. For six months I lived in this git repository endlessly running git pull in hopes of some badass new features to arrive in my directory. Now everything is working great, it looks beautiful and is compatible with all operating systems.

Tomahawk will play music from your hard drive, your music from Spotify and from SoundCloud. These are just the three sources I use. Tomahawk is compatible with Beats Music, ownCloud, GrooveShark, official.fm, Youtube, Google Play Music, This Is My Jam, and many more. It is a one stop mashup of all your music online and offline. It also hooks up to your Last.fm account so all your music is scrobbled to Last.fm.

Updated 07-23-2017

As time has grown own I have watched Tomawk become a premier music player is constantly striving to bring on new integrations and tools to help the #opensource movement make this into something much different than it is now today. The following video was recorded after compiling a very early version of it from github. Just look at where it has come now.

I truly challenge yourself to find a better music player on the market. iTunes sucks because it doesn't support A LOT (no FLAC support off the top of my head). Tomahawk is a free open-source project made by people who care about music and the experience we have with music everyday on our computers. I don't think people realize how many features are missing from their music programs until they try one as feature rich as Tomahawk.