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This is How The Fuck I am Feeling

**This Is How Fucking I am Feeling**

Let me just be honest with you,
writing this down and thinking it through

Shit, I fuck up
No I didn't fuck up
Shit, I fuck up

There my be rhyme or some reason
but the ones you loved should be banned from treason
and yet here i am breathing
while she holds her breath praying I'm seeing

I don't see all that well.
Writing a poem, reading a book, this is my hell.
From experience I most certainly well
This either ends great or he or she's going to break.
The optics of illusion need to be focused.
Not bred in us for lazy purpose.

Fuck, this is my mistake.
She doesn't even ask for something simple as a birth cake.
And this is the girl I'm throwing away?
What has she done to deserve this fate?
Who am I to behave this way?

I know that I must pay for my mistakes.
But know that at my core, my heart beat harder when beat yours 
I can't stop what is coming. The table's are turned and the question of me is finally asked: 

Now, what are you going to do?

I am not sure if comprehension can be achieved in this reading.  But this is how I have been feeling.