/ rant

Time Keeps on Slippin'...

yes into the future.

I have been back in LA for nearly two weeks, and I find myself on the forefront of breaking through this heavy anxiety that fills my daily life. I can't even place my finger on what makes me anxious. Perhaps it has been awhile since I have had to deal with life without the aid of a drug to tone down the noise in my head. Yeah that's right. I used any and every drug to quiet the aforementioned storm that runs rampant in my mind.

For those who know me beyond this blog...beyond the PoopBaron...know that another outlet I take advantage of is music. Without this blog and without music, I don't think I would even be here, breathing air. I wrote this song in the throws of my addiction. I apologize for the 'ghettoness' of this recording.

When all else in my life, I have this shit to ease that anxious mess I call myself. Enjoy,.