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Losing My Faith | Political WikiLeaks Isn't WikiLeaks

The more I look at social media, the handling of information, the publishing of information and the overall shift in the way WikiLeaks conducts themselves, the more I am realizing that WikiLeaks has an actual agenda. This is a far cry from the original platform that gave whistleblowers the security to get information that should belong to the public to the public.

Now I see posts passive aggressively urging intelligence communities to have their findings verified. I don't trust intelligence agencies most of the time, but WikiLeaks was not founded to make demands for information, it was a vessel by which whistleblowers could more safely leak documents pertinent to the general public. Furthermore, leaking information in a time of political discourse, knowing the potential repercussions that would ensue is blatantly irresponsible, especially when the dangers of doing so outweigh the benefit of the information leaked at that time. Leak all the information you want, but let the legal system decide on how to handle the wrongdoings of a particular individual and let the politics play out. Instead, WikiLeaks played politics. This was never the foundation of WikiLeaks.

Either WikiLeaks was played to capture the attention of MSM or they have completely changed missions. In any event this isn't the WikiLeaks I first began to believe in. Coupled with all the fake news permeating Facebook and other social media outlets, the truth is so muddled and exchanged for click bait that any social media "news" posts I have to just ignore.

Whatever happened to WikiLeaks will be revealed in good time. In the meantime be cautious not to fall into the political agenda that WikiLeaks clearly is subjecting you to.