WikiLeaks And The Freedom Of Information

Data Is Ours

I remember when I first got on the internet. I may have been 13 or 14 years old logging onto AOL or Netscape waiting for the horrible noise from my modem to stop -- letting me know I was in. I never imagined back then that I better be careful and say the right things or I would make myself a target.

What the NSA and other large government players have done to the internet is nothing short of a tragedy. The internet used to be the final free forum. We as a planet, a species could have conversations about the things that affected us all. Everyone had a voice. There was no mass censorship (and a lot of self-censorship).

Things have changed. I always found the term post 9/11 an interesting one. War has been going on for centuries, but now this scape goat event has given too much power to what are shaping up to be truly invasive and evil entities. We as citizens of this world, and those who create the data being collected have every right to access it when and how we would like to.

The truth is that those in power don't want us to know. They don't want us to unite. They want to paint those who expose their clandestine schemes as criminals or terrorists and in the case of Edward Snowden, guilty of treason.

Treason? For what? A man saw something that was wrong, illegal and he felt as a member of the human race the events he witnessed, the information he had, must be released to the public. There is no court like the court of public opinion. There is the real problem. The growing trend to make the people powerless and the leaders more powerful is a trend since the post 9/11 idiom was dropped on the public.

We are conditioned to live in fear. To put our heads down and do as we are told. I for one can't do that and I will not. I will be gathering all of the Wikileaks materials I can and republish as often and where I can. People in this country and around the world need to wake the fuck up and see what is happening. The world isn't a Tide commercial, it is a fucked up place that needs to be fixed. If we are going to fix it we need the facts given to us not hidden.

Julian Assange isn't the only one who believes that data should be free. He is just one guy who took initiative to offer a public service. Let's take a page from his book and let's all do something about it. Let's stop being sheep to the system and let's change it. If this spiral down to complete powerlessness continues then it will be too late for anyone wanting a voice in this world.

So don't call Julian Assange or anyone else offering a needed public service a terrorist, call him a hero fighting for the unity of all people by disrupting those trying to stop this movement.